Rennette “Reign” Hudson has immersed herself in her passions of dance and music her entire life. She studied Ballet, African and Modern and by 15, became a Junior Company Member with the Dance Theater of Harlem and the Philadelphia Civic Ballet School.  While in College, she founded her campus’ first multicultural dance performance group. Once out of school, Reign joined major music industry labels like Def Jam and Columbia as part of their Marketing teams. Her positive energy led to personally collaborating with artists like LL Cool J, Nas and Master P.


Focusing completely on her busy work schedule, Reign eventually gained 45 pounds. She made the choice to get her body back into shape, taking classes at Lucille Robert’s and Billy Blank’s Tae Bo. Through hard work and persistence, she got back in shape and fell in love with fitness. She became a full time Group Fitness Instructor in 1998 and has been inspiring her students and celebrity personal training clients ever since.



Reign has avid followers for a reason. Her hard-core, suck-it-up approach is tempered with humor and humanity. She has presented her workouts on international platforms, including the IDEA World Fitness Convention, the E.C.A. Inspire Conference and for SELF Magazine. Reign’s diverse personal training clients range from new Mothers trying to lose baby weight to icons like Sean John Combs, who recognize Reign’s well rounded approach to health and fitness.


From the working mother to the high school student to the senior citizen who just wants to move and have fun, Reign pushes all of her students to strive to be the best version of him or herself by giving 100% in every class. Thank you for being a part of her Tabura Family.

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Park Slope Crunch

9:15 am Tabura

10:00 am Ride


34th Street Crunch

12:00 pm Ride


Park Slope Crunch

9:15 am Tabura

10:00 am Absolution


19th Street Crunch

12:00 pm Surfset

12:45 pm Ride


Fort Green Crunch

5:45 pm Tabura

6:30 pm Ride


Bowery Crunch

10:15 am Ride

11:15 am Tabura


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